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Hallow everybody this is my first post .I am buying gold.XAUUSD as u see 1772 very strong supportfor now, we have 2 idea1- above 1790 gold up to resistance level 18572- under 1772 will see if break and hit 1765 gold it crash more Like 1723 

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Gold recovered after the first round of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia ended without a resolution. The precious metal found support over 1885. The rising trendline from early February indicates that the general direction is still up despite a choppy path. The previous peak at 1974 is now a fresh resistance and its breach could send the price to the psychological level of 2000. The downside risk is a fall below the 1852. Near the 30-day moving average, would be the bulls’ second line of defense.
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what are your thoughts on Gold continuing to diverge with the other metals in the coming weeks? Silver traded very heavily today and does not feel like it wants to go any higher, unlike gold.
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what about gold
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The price of Gold after a strong growth goes into a phase of consolidation. The price is sandwiched between the levels of 2015 and 1976 and is trading in a cumulative flat. I expect the price to rise from the support level of 1976. My goal is the resistance of 2015
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