MT4/MT5 Platform Discussion

FC Team

You cant compare mt4 and mt5 like windows 7 or windows 10.They are allmost same shit with different colour wrapped, user interface.mt5 your programming lang is tottally different, you have different time frames etc...and that lang suck if thinking how fast you can code. ea's. or indies.if you wrote program in win7, in 98% cases it will work windows 10that wont happen in mt5mt4 never designed, what traders wanted it, and now mt5 is designed by 10 years old c++ or java nerd, who thinks wc toilet seat should be operated by c++ language before you can use it.would be very easy if mt5 keeps most of mt4 language features, and syntax. but metaquotes bright minds dont understand.its cheaper make mql5 syntax similar mql4, because there are trillion ea's and indicators which have to rewrite.and that is not cheap. even using far east low wage coders.  

Mubashar Ahmad
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